Thursday, September 19, 2013

Freeze the Moment in Time

When I found out I was expecting my little one, I was working and in my last semester at Rutgers, completing my Masters in Social Work.  All the while, I was preparing to update my professional profile and begin the job hunt for a life long career.  The news of our baby didn’t deter me from looking.  In fact, I had interviewed in my last month of pregnancy (without any real plan to put on the table).  My husband was put on a new project where he’d be working from home and he encouraged me to go look for work because he thought he could watch the little one and work from home simultaneously.  We still laugh at this today.  One, because we know with most demanding work-from-home jobs, this is simply not an option.  And two, because we somehow assumed that me + my husband = an easy baby (according to what our moms had to say about us as babies).

Monday, September 16, 2013

Baby Registry Checklist and Must-Haves

Once you’ve decided where you’re doing your registry, you need to decide what items you’d like to add.  Anywhere you’ll register, you’ll be provided a checklist.  So that’s not the hard part.  What is extremely tedious is choosing the right products.  As mentioned in a previous post, I did the research by checking out reviews, testing out products at stores, and now that my baby is 9 months old, I can say I’ve put most of them to the test :)  The right products for my baby may not be the right ones for yours, which is why I’ve provided some feedback and also a link (under the product column) for you to check out and decide for yourself.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Amazon Baby Registry is the way to go!

Like many new moms-to-be, I wanted the best baby products out there for the biggest bang for the buck.  So how did I go about deciding where to do my registry?  Well, I did A LOT of research.  I must’ve registered at 5 different places until I finally made my decision.  My sister and two sister-in-laws were planning for my baby shower, so of course I turned to them (the two who already had showers) for advice.  Not gonna lie, I learned a lot from them, but I didn’t exactly go the traditional route (via my sister’s advice/pressure).  She told me to register at a store rather than online because it’d be much easier for my guests.  She tried to convince me time and again that no one would buy from my online registry.  Despite her other very helpful advice, I proved her wrong.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baby Inspired

A few days short of 9 months old and I feel like I’ve learned everything there is to know about babies. Of course we know that’s not the case, but looking back at the months that have passed, I’ve learned so much from my little girl, Fatima.  Not only has she taught my husband and me a whole knew meaning of love, but she’s taught us how to pull all nighters (like college exam days), and how to take turns eating on our anniversary dinner (or for any other meal) because the couple at the table next to us is trying to have an intimate evening while our little one is trying to kill the awkward silence.