Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baby Inspired

A few days short of 9 months old and I feel like I’ve learned everything there is to know about babies. Of course we know that’s not the case, but looking back at the months that have passed, I’ve learned so much from my little girl, Fatima.  Not only has she taught my husband and me a whole knew meaning of love, but she’s taught us how to pull all nighters (like college exam days), and how to take turns eating on our anniversary dinner (or for any other meal) because the couple at the table next to us is trying to have an intimate evening while our little one is trying to kill the awkward silence. 

The hurdles are routine, but the times spent together are priceless.  Trying to get things to work or sometimes just trying to do what is best led me to spend numerous hours on my iPhone, reading product reviews (which resulted in a new Amazon package at our front door almost daily), searching for techniques to baby problems, and reading up on other mommy tips–some of which worked and others, not so much. 

The other night, while I couldn’t sleep after her last night waking, I thought about how I could share with moms what I’ve learned through this journey.  All this brings me here today–launching my very first blog.

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