Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DIY Nursery

Power lines down, trees split in half, detours upon detours.  The tristate wreaked havoc, running on generators and scrambling to get bits and pieces back together before dusk.  Daylight never felt so brief.  As darkness fell, homes flickered with dim light, just enough for families to prepare for an early bedtime. 

Hurricane Sandy put locals into shock.  After all, our end of the east coast only knew of major natural disasters via the news.  So here we were, my husband and I, as if we couldn’t find any better time to move, amidst the worst storm our state had seen in years.  It literally hit smack in the middle of our moving process.  All the while, I was expecting, with my due date a little over a month away. 

I remember making calls to nearby cleaning services, asking if they could shampoo our carpet.  One guy sounded like I asked him the most absurd question.  That’s how bad it was.  I mean really, who asks to get their carpet shampooed in the middle of this mess?  

So we did everything ourselves.  Cleaned for two weeks straight, settled in, got comfortable, met the neighbors downstairs—John and Sandy (weird, I know!), and then got started on what I was so anxiously waiting for—the baby nursery!

I wanted something different, but every "unique" crib bedding that suited my taste was on Etsy, and way over my budget.  So I found the fabric, and let me tell you, my mother-in-law is a pro at sewing. She not only replicated the crib bedding set for me, but it actually looked better than the one I originally wanted.  And yes, she was just as anxious to complete the bedding set before the baby's arrival.  She really utilized those few daylight hours, making this her priority.  

This bedding set had elegance, yet it was still suitable for a baby girl.  Not pink, but still feminine.  I loved the combination of the damask and moroccan lattice patterns bordering the playful silhouettes of birds.  The bold plum really stood out against the soft sea green and baby lilac colors.  And so this bedding set was the inspiration for the rest of the nursery.

To get started on the right foot, I got my husband involved :) He HATES painting.  He let me know this before I could even ask.  I guess he did it to earn brownie points, which he could credit at a later time, because he knew the nursery would be painted, not by me, nor by professionals.  So the red and white walls were primed and painted lilac and "sea green."  I quote this because after the job was done, I realized that sea green looked more like baby blue!!  It drove me nuts at first, but then I accepted it ßThis is where he uses his credit... jk :) 

One thing you must know about me.  I'm a DIY junkie!  I found ideas on Pinterest, and I much rather free-hand paint the image than buy the $58 decal.  No, it was not that simple.  Yes, I did mess up several times! Yes, this did put me on bed rest for a few days.  But there's no greater pleasure than stepping back, tilting your head side to side, and thinking "wow, did I just do this?!"  I found myself randomly peeking in while passing by the bedroom and I must say, no one will appreciate your work more than yourself :)

I originally planned to put Fatima's name hanging above her crib, but because the mural was so spread out, there was no room for it.  

I guess it worked out for the best, because those letters can fall, and you don't want a thumb tack landing in your baby's crib!  So I put it across the room, above her dresser.

One (kind of weird) reason I was excited to have a girl was because I love doing hairstyles on little girls.  My little girl barely has any hair, so I can always depend on those headbands! Well, my dear childhood buddy, Neda (who I used to do crafts with as a kid, and who also loves DIY stuff) gave this very creative jewelry stand at the Vintage Tea Party shower.  She stacked together three tea cups and three saucers and decorated it with tea bags, baby toy bottles stuffed with baby socks, and rolled up onesies to look like cupcakes!

I now use this as Fatima's headband holder.  This is a more recent photo of her dresser.

And then there is the jewelry/hair accessory box I made for Fatima.  I bought the unfinished box from Michaels, painted it with acrylic paint, used a variety of decorative paper and flowers to go with the room, and engraved her name in the middle.

Two more notable pieces in Fatima's nursery were gifted by her two aunts (maternal and paternal).  My sister personalized this beautiful art piece.

She does hand painted calligraphy on canvas with high quality acrylic paints for baby name wall hangings. You can check out her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NuralLailCollections 
This piece was done in Arabic, decorated with Swarovski Crystals.

And finally, her most recent personalized piece of room decor was from my husband's eldest sister. Her mother-in-law sews Alpha-blankets.  

Each letter individually cut and delicately sewn together. She does both Arabic and English in a variety of fabric prints.  She matched it with a personalized cushion with Fatima's name written in Arabic.

Almost every aspect of decor in the nursery is personalized.  I plan to add more DIY pieces and tutorials, so stay tuned!


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