Friday, October 25, 2013

DIY Chair Upholstery

I've never noticed all the eye sores/dullness around my place till now.  I don't know if I can credit her for this, but my place is currently getting a serious uplift!  Everyday I catch Fatima staring at things around the house, and it really gets me thinking--wow, we need some change in here!  But really, it's probably because it's starting to get chilly out, so we're inside all day, and my baby is clingier than ever!  And since I'm holding her all day, I observe what she observes, and when she falls asleep (ever so rarely), it becomes my golden opportunity to get things done!

DIY projects are in full effect in our household, but there are way too many partially completed projects.  It's not just the baby though, I can also blame myself for my lack of commitment. Fortunately, yesterday I was able to start and complete a project while Fatima slept, and while she played! 

How, you may wonder?  Well, because it was so simple!  I reupholstered my dining area chairs.  Here's a great way to add a little pizzaz to the furniture you already own.  A little color will turn dull into delightful!   

Before                                 After

It was really very easy to do.  I bought fabric for under $30 from +Hobby Lobby, using my '40% off one item' coupon.  I have A LOT of leftover (bad calculations here), so I'll probably use that to make cushions.  I also purchased this highly reviewed staple gun kit from Amazon for under $10.  If you're into DIY projects, this will come into use often, so consider this an investment :)  

I did watch some tutorials, but since my husband had reupholstered his dining room chairs with his mom some years back, he taught me that it wasn't as difficult as I was about to make it!  So as I was about to take out the staples from the old upholstery, he stopped me.  He told me I could just do it right on top of the fabric that is already there.  Now, we're no pros at this, but those chairs at his parents' house are in great condition even after many years of use.  So I simply unscrewed the seat from the chair, and worked from there.  

Note, the fabric I used is not really heavy duty, but it is a tightly woven fabric.  If you're using a thicker fabric, it may be a good idea to use heavy duty staples.  I folded the fabric in once and stapled it close to the edges. The corners can be a little tricky, but you'll get it after a little trial and error.  

And here is the completed look!  I'm still working on my table's centerpiece, so I won't post photos of that until everything is completed!


  1. Thanks! Sometimes you just stumble upon something that works perfect with your furniture.

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