Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dining Area Facelift

The ergonomic Fisher-Price Booster Seat now sits in the trunk of my car for when we visit the grandparents.  It used up one of the dining chairs prior to the reupholstery, but since, it has been replaced with this chic Graco highchair that gives baby room to grow and complements the surrounding theme. Anyway, I plan to do a separate post on highchairs.

So the dining area chairs have been reupholstered, the highchair replaced, and now, to complete the look...

Your table centerpiece says a lot. It's like the accessories or makeup you wear. Without it, its a plain palate begging for some oomph! (JK!) I literally spent months trying to find something trendy and unique, yet sophisticated. And again, Pinterest to the rescue! Usually when you have something in mind, you find even better ideas when you're out shopping.  So I hit up the good ole' reliable dollar store and found three bottles of different shapes and sizes and a roll of twine.

To make this no-sweat-centerpiece, start at the bottom of the bottle and work your way up.  Put a dab of glue and hold the end of the twine for about a minute, until it feels firmly set in place.  Then spread glue in portions so it doesn't dry by the time you make your way up.  Wrap the twine tightly around the bottle, pushing down to fill the empty gaps every so often.  Make sure you protect your working area as it can be a little messy with dry glue flakes.  I just used a flyer to catch all the mess.

I needed to fill the bottles with something, so I made my way to Michaels and bought one bunch of twig-like flowers that I split into three.  I also needed something similar to a doily to place under the bottles, but not so grandma-ish.  I envisioned something unique, but had no idea how it'd look, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway.  I went to Lowe's and bought one sheet of subway tiles normally used for a backsplash. I personally liked the way it turned out.

...and there you have it--my dining table centerpiece!

Next, I needed table mats to go with the rustic look.  I saw some nice burlap mats on Pinterest and thought I'd go with that.  They're very easy to make!  I bought a couple yards of burlap from Michaels, measured out 12"x18", pulled the thread to keep a straight line, and cut along the line.

To get frayed edges, just pull a few strings from the sides to your liking, then sew the corners in a zig-zag pattern just so more strings don't get loose.  If you want a little more character, you can add an embellishment to the corner.  I really liked these two ideas from Pinterest but haven't decided which one to do yet.  A friend of mine told me to Scotchgard my upholstered chairs so they become water/stain resistant.  I think the same can be done with these placemats.  


Here is the finished look, although I do plan to make a few more changes.

And here's a great way to repurpose mason jars.  I remember a few months back when we drove down to Smoky Mountains, we went to a breakfast spot that served us our drinks in mason jars.  I'd like to add this to the table with twine wrapped around the top like a ribbon. Here's something I found on Pinterest, similar to what I had in mind.

Honestly, the ideas are endless! If you have a knack for creativity, a little inspiration (via Pinterest) can do wonders!

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