About Me

Hi, I’m Soofia, a wife and a first time mom of a very active and charismatic little girl.  I love testing out new baby products based on reviews, and when I purchase a big or small item, I do TONS of shopping around before making my decision.  And alas, when you finally kick back and think you’ve gotten ‘it’ down, your baby will surprise you with yet another ‘go-find-the-solution-to-my-new-baby-problem.’  It’s literally a never-ending learning process.  Learning tips and techniques from other parents is invaluable, which led me to start my blog – as a way to share the things I’ve learned and connect with other parents on the same boat J


  1. Love your blog Soofia:) And your daughter's Nursery Masha'Allah!!! Your daughter's beautiful by the way Masha'Allah. I love DIY projects and love ETSY and Pinterest as well for ideas...and of course blogs. Good work!

    1. Thanks Maria! :) It really is a lot of fun and more meaningful to do DIY projects yourself. It gives you the chance to add your own touch and pick and choose what you like from other ideas.